The Actress

I’m the fun girl. I always am. And nobody ever asks if that’s really me, if that’s really who I want to be, who I thought I’d be. And why would they, there is nothing that would make them doubt, nothing to make them think about it twice. Because I am good at what I do. Even if I can’t remember why or when I started auditioning for all oscars at once, I became a master, I became THE master. And what did it do for me? It made it the most difficult for me to get out of this fucking illusion ever again, because people believe me. I don’t know why nobody wants to see, nor only look at me. I don’t know why nobody questions my always-happy-and-fine-and-compromising-personality. Was there really nothing that made you stop and stare? Nothing? Ist the only thing I never aimed to be good at now the only thing I’m so good at that nobody notices? What a fucking irony, fate, what a fucking irony. I’m pretty sure you’re laughing at your knees at how things took an unexpected turn for me, well done.

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